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Farsi web design is proud to implement an environment for Persian business to start their e-business presentation fast, reliable and affordable.


Why Do I need Web Design

There are many Persian and none Persian web design company across the world. One might ask why should I let Farsi web design to design a web site for my Persian business. Today most students graduated from high school are able to build a simple website. You can even find someone in your own family who can build you a website.

But how efficient would that site be:

  • A website is not just what you see on your browser. Website consists of many elements which all put their hands together to build a professional and functional website.
  • Consider their experience, how a person who has graduated from high school would be able to implement what is really required for an online business
  • There are many small details that cannot be applied to a website unless your web designer has extensive web design knowledge and experience.
  • There are many factors involves in listing a site on major search engines. Your site would not be listed by itself.
  • You must market your website. You need more and more traffics to your website. More visibility brings you more lead to sale.
  • At Farsi web design we have over 10 years experience in developing websites.
  • We have years and years of experience
  • We do represent a Persian business as well
  • We know how to drive customer to your site (The prove is YOU ARE HERE!)
  • We do care about our customers, simply like any other business, we know we cannot continue without our customer's support

We at farsi web design are here to help you to get connected with your targeted customers. Our expertise allows us to provide your business the best possible solution.

Why do you need a website?

We should not just follow what others do. Your business is uniqe so your website. A website is the online presentaion of your business. Points you have to keep in mind:
- A website must be accessible and easy to use
- A website must have a target audience
- You must have a goal to achieve (sale, service, subscriber,...)
-  Remember having a website for your business is like establishing your second business
- A website needs time and afford to make it profitable.
- You need customer or better to say visitor to meet your goal.

Why would a visitor come to my website?

- Visitors are the most valuable assets to every online business. Our primarily goal is to get as much as possible visitor to our online store.
- There are different stages for someone  to visit your online store:
1- The person is looking for some information on  a service or a product.  (this person might  not be a real customer at the beginning but he/she can become a potential customer of yours)
2- The person who has decided to request for a service or to buy a product.( this person is a potential customer and willing to buy your service or product)

Do You Know

there are an estimated three million Iranians outside Iran. Don't you think three million is big number and also a big market. Don't you think you can provide your service or product to the audience of your country.

  • Today most young Iranian generation search on Internet to find what they are looking for.
  • A visitor will come to your website only and only when you inform them about your presence.

Here at farsi web design our duty is

  1. To build you a website that can be easily found
  2. A website that is listed on major search engines.
  3. A website that targets those visitor who are interested in your service or product.
  4. A website that follows all the current standard.
  5. A website that is accessible.
  6. A website that is business oriented and is build to make profit.
  7. We are able to list your business in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

What is your budget:

It is very important to set a budget for your website. if you need help we are always here let know about the cost.

Setting a budget indicates that you are a true business man and serious about moving your business online.

A website can cost a fortune when you do not set a budget and also if an unprofessional web designer design your website.

If you can answer two of those three questions, call us now.

We are here to help and we guarantee our world.

  • We will prove to you that we are capable of safely and provisionally build your online business.
  • We have all the tools and knowledge to help you to run your online business.   
  • We will back you up with our 24/7 support.
  • Call us today @ 1-416-223-3222 or just simply Ask us know

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