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Farsi Web Design Behnevis Project


In this site you can convert (transliterate) persian written in english letters, called Pinglish or Finglish, to persian language script. You can directly email the text or save it as a document from this site. You can also copy the converted text into your blog or any other web page.

Behnevis Toolbar:

With Behnevis Toolbar you can convert (transliterate) Persian text written in English letters, called Pinglish or Finglish, to Persian language script. Example: salam -> ???? Converted Persian text can then be copied into any web page (blog, comment, twitter...), directly sent via email or saved as an MS Word (.doc) document, all from within the toolbar. By installing it on your browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) you can use Behnevis capabilities while visiting other sites, withouth going to Behnevis website. This toolbar also provides text and webpage translation between Persian, English and several other languages.

Behnevis API:

Behnevis API can help more people contribute to your site: It will allow users who do not have access to Persian keyboard or do not know how to type in Farsi to write Persian text. You may use this free service in your search-box, forum posts...

An example is available at: http://www.behnevis.com/api/example.html

In order to provide the highest security, we host all API Javascript files that run on third-party pages at Amazon S3 storage cloud. This is the same secure infrastructure that hosts Amazo.com's own files and data from thousands of other organizations. For more info please visit: http://www.behnevis.com/api.html